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System Bridge provides user-customized interface to test system and form the environment of development. User can make the data for development & test based on ICD which is already made by user or tester’s setting. Also, user can write and form many information of interface telecommunication, I/O mapping and bus monitoring.

Furthermore, it could improve user’s productivity

by providing verification tools for results.


System Bridge is a key software to help set up a development and testing environment.

Structuralize easily by importing ICD which are already written by users or the existing setting files.

Allow users to form system test environment files or standardized files.

‣ Support function to verify product material and to manage version for testing environment.


Possible to make environment (such as variable, telecommunication and monitoring) to develop and test flight system.

・ Available to control and manage data with a just few clicks, because it provides usercustomized interface.

・ Support configuration file of 3rd Party(with each parser)

・ Provide the function to automatic-form to improve the productivity for developer (standardized C header files and reports, etc.)

・ Support self-verification tools for product material

System Architecture
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